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Brian's Coffee Spot

Brian's Coffee Spot talks about Ngopi in their latest blog post! Check out the page by clicking the button bellow 👇 Blog Post

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Introduction of Indonesian Coffee

Please take note: This post is subjective and is based on the author's opinion and experience after travelling into several coffee producers across Indonesia.Why is Indonesian coffee considered inferior in quality compared to others?When talking about Indonesian coffee, it is not rare that we encounter numerous stigmas regarding its taste. It is believed to be somewhat earthy, woody, and bitter, or even worse, flavourless at times. Determined to debunk this stigma, Ngopi - a café based in Birmingham specialising in Indonesian caffeinated beverages - is determined to show another side of Indonesian coffee by proving that the beans grown in the archipelago would deliver various palatable beverages. Indonesia itself is situated in the top centre of the equator, making the...

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